VMO-8 Insignia

No insignia known for WW2

vmo8 (8K)

ca. 1970

fb_flag (1K)

"Foxtrot Bravo"
Tail marking

Marine Observation Squadron 8

Marine Observation Squadron 8 was activated 28 December 1944 at Quantico, VA. After a short training period, the squadron departed for the West Coast, arriving at San Diego on 6 March 1945. VMO-8 departed 25 March for Guam, arriving 13 April. The squadron was attached to Marine Aircraft Group 21, but placed under the operational control of V Amphibious Corps. VMO-8 flew spotting missions for V Amphibious Corps Artillery up to the end of the war. VMO-8 was deactivated 30 November 1945 at San Diego.

VMO-8 was reactivated during 1968 at Los Alamitos, CA and assigned to MAG-46, 4th MAW. The new squadron was equipped with the OV-10A "Bronco". 1970 saw VMO-8 relocate to El Toro, where it would operate for the next six years.

In 1976, the decision was made to relocate VMO-4 from Detroit to Atlanta, and to deactivate VMO-8. VMO-8 was officially deactivated 1 August 1976.