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This is a listing of aircraft used by Marine helicopter squadrons (current to Jan 2012). If anyone can add to the list or correct it, please let me know.



HTL-1 Trainer (HMX-1)
HTL-2 Trainer (HMX-1)
HTL-3 Utility/Observation (HMX-1, VMO-6)
HTL-4/TH-13L Utility/Observation (HMX-1, VMO-6)
HTL-5 Utility/Observation (HMX-1, VMO-6)

UH-1B 20 loaned from Army in 1967 (VMO-1). List of serial numbers.
VH-1D VIP version of Army UH-1D (HMX-1)
UH-1E "Iroquois"/"Huey" First turbine-powered helicopter. Standard equipment in the VMO and later the HMLs, many of these utility aircraft were converted into gunships. [1964-86]
HH-1K SAR version of "E"
UH-1N Twin-engined version of the Huey that entered service in 1971. It is being replaced in the HMLA squadrons by the UH-1Y. [1971- ]
HH-1N SAR version
VH-1N VIP version (HMX-1)
UH-1Y "Venom" Upgrade with 4-blade main rotor. HMLAT-303 began conversion in 2008; first deployment took place in 2009 with HMM-163(Rein). HMLA-367 was the first squadron to transition (2009), followed by HMLA-369 and HMLA-169 (through Mar 2011).

AH-1G "Cobra" 38 on loan from Army. Flown in Vietnam by VMO-2 and HML-367. Also equipped HMA-169 and HMA-773. [1969-78]. List of Marine AH-1Gs.
AH-1J "Sea Cobra" Twin-engined version for USMC. Served in Vietnam (1971, 72-3, 75) and the Gulf War. [1969-93]
AH-1T "Sea Cobra" Improved version with more powerful engines. First 33 (of 55 total) were delivered without TOW anti-armor missile capability (later upgraded).
AH-1W "Super/Whiskey Cobra"
AH-1Z "Viper" Upgrade with 4-blade main rotor. In operation with HMLAT-303 (2008). HMLA-367 began transition in 2011.


MV-22A "Osprey"
MV-22B "Osprey" Medium-lift tilt-rotor aircraft replacing the CH-46. First combat deployment in 2010 (Afghanistan). [200? - ]


HRP-1/CH-46A Entered service in 1964 with HMM-265.
HH-46A Utility/SAR version
CH-46D Upgraded version with T58-GE-10 engines and redesigned tail.
HH-46D Utility/SAR version
HH-46F Utility/SAR version
CH-46E Current version. T58-GE-16 engines. Upgraded in 1991 with enlarged fuel sponsons.


XRON-1 Experimental one-man observation helicopter.*


XROE-1 Experimental one-man observation rotorcycle.*


HTK-1 Cargo drone tested by USMC.

HOK-1/OH-43D "Husky". Observation helicopter with intermeshing blades. VMO-2 retired their last OH-43Ds in 1965.
HUK-1/UH-43C Utility version.

UH-2B Utility version of the "Seasprite", used for SAR duties at MCAS Beaufort, Cherry Point, and Yuma, from 1964 to 1970. List of BuNos


VH-71 Variant of Augusta/Westland EH-101 intended to replace VH-3D VIP helo. Cost over-runs led to cancellation of the contract in 2009.


HRP-1 "Flying Banana" Fabric covered fuselage. Operated by HMX-1
HRP-2 "Flying Banana" Metal covered fuselage. Operated by HMX-1

HUP-1 "Retriever" SAR
HUP-2/UH-25B "Retriever" SAR. Also used by some Reserve squadrons.


XOP-1 Autogyro. Evaluated by VJ-6M at Quantico and Nicaragua during 1932, but not adopted.


HO3S-1 Six from HMX-1 went to Korea with VMO-6 in 1950.

HO4S-1 Observation/anti-submarine version of HRS-1. Equivalent to Army H-19A.

HO5S-1 Flown by VMO-6 in Korea.

HRS-1 First transport helo in FMF squadrons (1951). Similar to HO4S-1, but with troop-seats and self-sealing fuel tanks.
HRS-2 Improved version.
HRS-3/CH-19E Improved version equipped with Wright R-1300-3 engine.

HR2S-1/CH-37C "Mojave" Known as the "Deuce", was the first heavy-lift helicopter for the Marines. Some served in Vietnam with H&MS-16.

HUS-1/UH-34D "Sea Horse" Standard USMC assault helicopter from 1958 to 1969.
HUS-1A/UH-34E Amphibious version (floats).
HUS-1L/LH-34D Winterized version for Antarctic.
HUS-1Z/VH-34D VIP version.
HSS-1/SH-34G ex-USN. Operated mainly by Reserves.
HSS-1N/SH-34J ex-USN. Operated mainly by Reserves.

HSS-2Z/VH-3A VIP aircraft(HMX-1)
VH-3D Improved version.

CH-53A "Sea Stallion" Vietnam-era Marine heavy-lift helicopter.
CH-53D "Sea Stallion" Improved version.
RH-53D ex-USN mine-warfare helos, used by HMH-772 and HMH-772 Det A.
CH-53E "Super Stallion" Current heavy-lift helo.
CH-53K Improved "Super Stallion" in design stage (2009).

VH-60A VIP version of Army "Blackhawk". In use only with HMX-1.

* In 1954 the XROE-1 and XRON-1 were reclassed by the Chief of Naval Operations as equipment, rather than aircraft, so as not to count against total aircraft inventory.