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VMO-2 was activated at Quantico, Virginia on 1 November 1943, with the designation (Artillery Spotting Division) VMO-251. After an initial training period with their OY "Grasshopper" aircraft, VMO-251 departed for San Diego, where it carried out more training. In January 1944 the squadron was redesignated VMO-2, and in February, moved to Hawaii. In Hawaii, VMO-2 trained with the 2d Marine Division. VMO-2 deployed to Saipan in June, flying in support of 2d Marine Division operations there, and at Tinian. During March and April 1945, VMO-2 flew spotting missions on Okinawa before being ordered back to Saipan. From September 1945 to January 1946, VMO-2 was attached to Marine Observation Group 1, and performed occupation duties in Japan. The squadron then relocated to Cherry Point*, and deactivated 26 August 1946.

VMO-2 was reactivated at Santa Ana, California, on 15 June 1951. Besides the OY-2 and OE-1 fixed-wing aircraft, the squadron also operated a mixture of light helicopters, including the HOK/OH-43D, HO5S-1, and HTL-4/5. In July 1953, VMO-2 deloyed to Camp Gifu, Japan. Three years later the squadron moved to Camp Sukiran, Okinawa. In October 1960 VMO-2 moved to new quarters at Futenma, Okinawa.

VMO-2 began operations in Vietnam with a small detachment of OE-1 (O-1B) "Birdogs" which were attached to Operation Shufly in 1962. In 1965, the entire squadron deployed to Vietnam. All its OH-43s and O-1s were left in Okinawa, and the squadron began to fly the UH-1E. In 1968, VMO-2 began operating the first OV-10A "Broncos" in Vietnam. In 1969 squadron capabilities were increased with the addition of the AH-1G "Cobra". All the squadron's helicopters were transferred out to other units in 1969, leaving only the OV-10s. VMO-2 remained in Vietnam until April 1971, when it relocated to MCALF Camp Pendleton.

VMO-2 was busy during the 1970s and 1980s, supporting the 1st Marine Division and 3d Marine Aircraft Wing at home, while rotating detachments to Okinawa to support MAG-36 operations there. In 1990, VMO-2 deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Desert Shield/Storm. The squadron's OV-10As and Ds flew the entire distance From California to Kuwait. During the combat in Kuwait, VMO-2 lost one aircraft and crew (2 POW). Following its return to Camp Pendleton in 1991, the squadron began transferring all its OV-10As. In December 1992, VMO-2 finished its final Okinawa deployment. VMO-2 was deactivated 23 May 1993 at Camp Pendleton, ending nearly 50 years of service.



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