HMH-772 Det B


Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 772,
Detachment B
HMH-772, Det. B
"Flying Armadillos"

HMH-772, Detachment B was formed 1 October 1980 when HMH-777 was deactivated. The unit was reformed as a detachment of HMH-772, which was based in Willow Grove, PA.

For the next thirteen years, the detachment and its CH-53As, and later CH-53Ds, supported the 4th Marine Air Wing and other Marine Reserve units, including a 5-month deployment to Okinawa in 1991.

In 1993, the Reserve heavy-lift squadrons were realigned, and both HMH-772 detachments were deactivated. Det A was reactivated as HMH-769, but HMH-777 was not reactivated.


Formed 1 June 1980 by redesignation of HMH-777

Deactivated 1 April 1993.


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