Det A

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via E.S. "Mule" Holmberg

Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 772, Detachment A

HMH-772, Det. A
"Road Hogs"

In 1980, the three Marine Reserve Heavy Helicopter Squadrons (HMH-769,-772,-777) were reorganized and one large squadron was formed. HMH-769 was deactivated and redesignated HMH-772 Det A. Det A was activated during the Gulf War (1990-91) and served with MAG-26. After the end of hostilities, HMH-772 Det A embarked aboard USS Tarawa as the heavy-lift element of MAG-50. While part of MAG-50, the "Roadhogs" took part in Operation Sea Angel, the Bangladesh disaster relief operation.

In 1993, the detachments were deactivated, and HMH-769 was reactivated.


Activated 1 June 1980 by redesignation of HMH-769.

Deactivated 1 April 1993 - resumed HMH-769 designation.

This detachment served with MAG-50 during the Gulf War and participated in Operation "Sea Angel" in Bangladesh (1991).


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