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VMO-5 was activated 15 February 1944 at Quantico, VA. The squadron trained for three months with their new OY "Grasshoppers" before leaving for the West Coast. Four months were spent training at Camp Pendleton, followed by another five months in Hawaii. In January 1945 VMO-5 divided into two groups and proceeded to Iwo Jima, staging through Guam and Saipan on the way. On 19 February the squadron arrived at Iwo Jima and by the 28th all its aircraft were ashore. In March, VMO-5 returned to Hawaii, where they saw the end of the war. Following a brief period of occupation duty at Sasebo, Japan, VMO-5 relocated to San Diego and was deactivated 31 January 1946.

On 15 December 1966, Sub Unit 1, H&MS-30, the UH-1E training unit based at Camp Pendleton, was redesignated VMO-5. During the next two years, VMO-5 continued to train new UH-1 pilots, as well as those transitioning from other types. Before deactivating, VMO-5 became the OV-10A training squadron as well. On 15 March 1968 VMO-5 was redesignated HML-267