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This is a list of the aircraft types operated by the VMO squadrons from 1943 through 1994. The list is arranged by manufacturer, then by model. In the case of aircraft that were still in use in 1962, when designations were standardized, both the old and new designations are shown.

Bell Helicopter

HTL-4 (UH-13D)/HTL-5 (UH-13E)
Military version of the Model 47. VMO-6 operated the HTL-4 in Korea (1952).

UH-1E "Huey" VMO-1 became the first squadron to operate the UH-1E in 1964. The UH-1E equipped all the Active VMOs until replaced by the OV-10A.


OE-1/O-1B, G "Bird Dog" Equivalent to the Army L-19.

OE-2/O-1C "Bird Dog" Similar to OE-1, but had new fuselage and wings. H&MS-16, VMO-2, and VMO-6 operated a small number in Vietnam


OY-1 "Sentinel" Equivalent to the Army L-5A.

OY-2 "Sentinel" Same as the OY-1, but with a 24-volt electrical system.


HOK-1/OH-43D "Husky"

HUK-1/UH-43C Utility version

North American/North American Rockwell

OV-10A, D, D+ "Bronco" Equipped all VMOs 1968-94. Flew in Vietnam and Desert Storm.

T-28B, C "Trojan" Six were flown by VMO-6 in 1964 to test feasibility of fixed-wing escorts for helicopters.


AE-1 "Cub" During WW2, these were assigned to VMOs as trainers/utility aircraft. They were not used in combat.


HO3S-1 Light observation helo. Flown by VMO-6 in Korea.

HO5S-1 Flown by VMO-6 in Korea. Replaced by more capable HTL-4.